Fishing in the City (1999)

BY: Jerry Benoit
POSTED November 16, 2023 IN
Education, General

The Fishing in the City program is a unique partnership between the California Department of Fish and Game, Buena Vista School, Rotary Club of Walnut Creek, and the City of Walnut Creek. This program is conducted by the Rotary Club, Department of Fish and Game and Walnut Creek elementary schools and is held at the school and Heather Farm pond. Rotarian John Gardner began this program in 1999 and it has been an ongoing event almost every year thereafter.

The program is a two day event.  The first day Rotarians go to Walnut Creek third grade classrooms and teach the fundamentals of fishing.   Students are given tackle boxes and instructions in tying on a hook, casting, and attaching the bait.  Another important lesson is environmental stewardship. The second day, on a Saturday, the students arrive at Heather Farm Pond where fish have been planted by the Department of Fish and Game.  Rotarian’s help students bait the hooks, teach proper casting and help them take the fish off their lines. They also keep an eye out for safety.

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